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a collection of mushroom & toadstools

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Freak Show


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fuck stress
have sex

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From Sheffield Autonomous Students

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All photos less than 24 hours ago.
The fight in StLouis continues.

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GIFS from my last video - How To Find Water Bears

Take a look at #4. Embrace the fail. I think it’s the best part of the video.

We could have faked it. We could have pretended that we found Tardigrades on our first try. But where’s the fun in that?

Making mistakes is a natural part of science.

I’m glad that Ben, Valeria, and I didn’t find Water Bears during the shoot. So that face I’m making in #6 is a genuine face of celebration.

When do you science and other life stuff, don’t worry about mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward.

Loving the embrace the fail.

Can “Embrace the Fail” be the new slogan for science? 

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